Shrimp & Snails

Freshwater Creatures

  • Freshwater Olive Nerite Snails

  • Assassin Snail

  • Mystery Snails

  • Orange Crayfish

  • Snow White Crayfish

  • Electric Blue Crayfish

  • Texacanum Super Dwarf Crayfish

  • Vasquezi Dwarf Crayfish

  • Red Blue Rili Shrimp

  • Blue Green Rili Shrimp

  • Red Cherry Shrimp

  • Albino African Clawed Frogs

  • African Clawed Frogs

  • Fire Belly Newts

  • Axoltol SOLD OUT

  • Blue Tail Newts

  • Albino Newts

Updated 4/16

Update in Progress

Please note we sell a LOT of fish, if there's something you want that is on this list, call ahead and we'll gladly check on the availability before you make the trip out.