• Bleheri Rainbows

  • Threadfin Rainbow SOLD OUT

  • Maccullochi Rainbows SOLD OUT

  • Kamaka Dwarf Rainbows

  • Red Tail Australis Rainbow

  • Melanotaenia "Running Creek"

  • Signifer Rainbows

  • Melanotaenia "Northern Blue" Sold Out

  • Melanotaenia "Parva"

Freshwater Rainbow Fish
update in Progress

Please note we sell a LOT of fish, if there's something you want that is on this list, call ahead and we'll gladly check on the availability before you make the trip out.

  • Herbertaxelrodi Rainbows

  • Australian Rainbows

  • Redline Rainbows

  • Emerald (wananemensis) Rainbows

  • Red Rainbows NEW

  • Turquoise Rainbows

  • Boesemani Rainbow

  • Goyder River Trifasciata Rainbows