• Brown Ancistrus

  • L-52 Butterfly Pleco

  • L-91 Tribeacon Pleco

  • L-128 Blue Phantom Pleco

  • L-190 Royal Pleco

  • L-200 Green Phantom Pleco

  • L-201 Snowball Angel Pleco

  • L-235 Flyer Pleco

  • L-240 Black Vampire Pleco

  • L-257 Tigri Pleco

Freshwater Plecostomus
Update in progess

Please note we sell a LOT of fish, if there's something you want that is on this list, call ahead and we'll gladly check on the availability before you make the trip out.

  • Lrg Regular Plecos

  • Longfin Pineapple Ancistrus

  • Snakeskin Ancistrus

  • Blue Eye Ancistrus

  • Lemon Drop Ancistrus

  • Longfin Calico Ancistrus

  • Albino Ancistrus